Polymer Product Presentation: OTTOPOL K-12

Here at Gellner Industrial, we are proud to take a moment to focus on the capabilities of our individual products. It might be easy to glide through our catalog of polymers and miss the capabilities of a few special polymer products. That is why we are here to today to talk about the capabilities of the OTTOPOL K-12. This is an incredibly versatile acrylic emulsion polymer. You can have an OTTOPOL K-12 as a Rust converting Primer, or as a Wood Primer. So let’s take a look and see what makes this product tick!

Rust Converting Primer Specifications:

This primer is a Cationic Acrylic Emulsion polymer. It works to convert the rust during the time of the coating application. It ends up forming a barrier (black iron oxide). This barrier is able to be top coated with solvent-based paints or simply water. The Viscosity is measured at 200 – 800 cps. It appears as a translucent emulsion, and has a specific gravity of 1.0731. Its flash point is the same as the water, and its glass transition temperature is 0 Degrees C.

Technical Data Sheet for Further Information: https://www.gellnerindustrial.com/resources/DATASHEETS/cationic/tds_-_ottopol_k-12t-halox.pdf

Safety Data Sheet:



Wood Primer Specifications:

This primer creates a resistant barrier against water soluble tannins. This therefore helps prevent any topcoats (staining and retarded drying). We at Gellner Industrial have found a polymer backbone that is easily resistant to tannin (one of the biggest kinds of water soluble chromatic compounds that cause trouble). This is different from other stain blocking primers that allow the tannin to migrate to the surface (resulting in disgusting stains). But with this OTTOPOL K-12, those stains will be a distant memory.

Technical Data Sheet for Further Information:


Safety Data Sheet:



Although this kind of Cationic Acrylic Emulsion Polymer provides loads of benefits underwater, there are far more polymers to look out for. Please be sure to check out the other wonderful polymer options in our catalog. If you have any questions not answered on our page, then please feel free to contact Gellner Industrial today. There are so many possibilities to be discovered with water-based acrylic polymers.

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