What is Gravure Printing?

What is gravure printing? To understand rotogravure printing, a brief primer of intaglio is required. Intaglio is the process used in printing and printmaking in which an image is incised into a surface and where the incised line – or sunken area – holds the ink. There are many applications for intaglio, such as the [...]

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Top-Quality Polymers for Gravure Inks from Gellner Industrial LLC

Polymers for Gravure Inks need to be of top-quality. Gravure printing is a method that produces a sharp, fine image. Because of its ability to produce high-quality images, gravure is the preferred printing method when producing a wide range of products such as magazines, catalogs, packaging, gift wrap, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring.  The gravure process [...]

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Ottopol KX-99: Fastest and Most Resistant Coating

Ottopol KX-99 is a polymer for water base paint and coatings for concrete you need to know about. Exterior concrete can be a difficult material to coat because it's easily damages by many harmful elements including UV rays, heavy traffic, and harsh weather conditions. The correct application will protect the concrete from these damaging and [...]

The Wonders of WONDERWET IV – Zero VOCs, 100% Quality

The summer season means a lot of things to a lot of people and industries: warmer weather, barbeques, outdoor events, and for a variety of industries, outdoor painting projects. With the longer days and higher temperatures, most facilities choose the summer months to tackle their painting, which means paint manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors are busier than [...]

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The Effects of Temperature on Gravure Ink Printing, Profits, and the Planet

If you're one of the country’s 480 gravure printers, you know that anything that can be done to prevent solvent losses from gravure ink printing during press operations is a good thing. Particularly if you’re a product or packaging gravure printer—running a smaller operation with fewer employees—every dollar counts. Knowing this, there’s some good news; [...]

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