What is Gravure Printing?

What is gravure printing? To understand rotogravure printing, a brief primer of intaglio is required. Intaglio is the process used in printing and printmaking in which an image is incised into a surface and where the incised line – or sunken area – holds the ink. There are many applications for intaglio, such as the [...]

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Gellner Industrial: A Brief History

Clients all over the globe have come to find that Gellner Industrial is truly a world leader in the manufacture and production of water-based acrylic polymers. We deliver products that are unique, unmatched, and innovative, which are just a few of the attributes that set our products apart. However, it’s more than just that – [...]

Demand Grows for Coatings with Vinyl Applications

One of the most popular uses of our amazing acrylic polymer coatings is for adherence to vinyl substrates. Our acrylic polymers are an industry standard in providing superb adhesion to vinyl. Our polymers meet the high alkali resistance required for floor coating and wall coating applications, especially when used on vinyl surfaces. We also produce [...]

What Are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds – otherwise known as VOCs – are a variety of compounds that are emitted as gases from certain types of solids and liquids. The concentration of VOCs can be particularly high indoors (up to 10x higher than outdoors) and can be emitted from a vast amount of household products. Wax, paints, and [...]

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Polymer Supplier and Adhesive Manufacturer

The world of polymers is wide and varied, with many moving parts. There are hundreds of applications for our water based acrylic polymers in a variety of fields. A polymer, simply put, is a macromolecule comprised of many smaller molecules called monomers. These molecules react among themselves chemically to form long chain or three-dimensional networks. [...]

Acrylic Polymers in the Healthcare Industry

Acrylic polymer, derived from the monomer methyl methacrylate (MMA), was first developed more than 60 years ago. Since then, formulations have extended the material's performance range, resulting in varying levels of melt flow, impact resistance, colorability, gamma recovery, and other controlled characteristics. General-purpose acrylic grades contain a comonomer, added during the polymerization process, to facilitate [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is our bread and butter here at Gellner Industrial. We create a variety of acrylic polymers for paints, including 25-50E, which converts into low cost solution polymer for pigment grinding and high gloss flexo and gravure inks, C5-58, which is used as a binder for house paints and binder for pigment dispersion, M-49, [...]

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Advantages To Using Water Based Acrylic Polymers

There are many benefits to using high-performance resins and chemicals developed with water-based acrylic industrial polymers. Some primary benefits include that they are easy to work with, good for the environment and showcase a large variety of industrial applications including industrial coatings, printing inks, and high-gloss varnishes. Other Types of Acrylic Polymers However, you may [...]

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Spotlight On Acrylic Polymer Products

It’s no secret that Gellner Industrial has a wide variety of acrylic polymer products for an abundance of polymer applications, like ink or vinyl. However, we are always coming up with new products to help best fit you- or your company’s polymer needs. We have a large selection of a variety of polymers, including anionic [...]

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Polymer Chemistry: The Backbone Behind Gellner Industrial

Though our polymers appear in everyday applications, such as vinyl or in your favorite paints, the chemistry behind their creation is not so commonplace. Polymer chemistry is a part of chemistry that deals specifically with the chemical structures and characteristics behind polymers, especially in cases of synthetic polymers often called plastics or elastomers. Polymer chemistry [...]

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