Getting Acquainted with Acrylic Paints

In 1934 the first usable acrylic resin dispersion was created by the German chemical company BASF, patented by Rohm and Haas. By the 1940s the first synthetic paint was used, combining some of the properties of oil and watercolor paints to create one of the first water based acrylic polymers. Sometime between 1946 and 1949, [...]

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Focusing On What Matters Most – Customers – Leads To Business Growth And Expansion

They say what you focus on expands. During the past quarter of a century – and especially in the last year or so – we’ve been living proof of this concept here at Gellner Industrial. While times change and businesses and industries evolve, at Gellner, we’ve always been focused on providing the highest quality water-based [...]

Happy Fourth of July From Gellner Industrial

All of us here at Team Gellner hope you are having a fun-filled Fourth of July. During Fourth of July, we recognize our country's history and grow so proud to be making American-made products and to be employing its citizens who have helped grow our company to be the success it is today. Looking back [...]

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